Mother’s Day Decadence from the Elegant Cakery

Girlies! Have we got a Mother’s Day idea for you to bring to show your mommy how much you appreciate her and the appetites of your family!

It’s a bit of a secret, but we’ve been cheating on homemade cake making ever since we found the Elegant Cakery in Southlake, Texas! Yes, we are not making our family birthday cakes anymore! We give up! Why? Well, Mimi tried for umpteen years to find the perfect recipe for Mademoiselle’s desired birthday treat – coconut cake. The MDC and big brother always wanted old fashioned yellow cake with chocolate icing and the baby always wanted a lemon cake! Don’t get us wrong, there are fabulous homemade recipes out there, but this bakery can make these cakes better than any of the recipes we tried.

In Texas, these are affectionately referred to as the Neiman Marcus cakes of Mermaid Bar fame. If it’s good enough for Neimans, it’s good enough for Mimi and Mademoiselle! We have tried virtually all of these cakes by-the-slice and they do not disappoint. Strawberry and Orange Dream are so sweet, the chocolates are chocolatey and the red velvet is oh so good. They have a many choices for any occasion.

So, trust us when we say you should magnanimously volunteer to bring the dessert for the large celebration you or your siblings are having for your mother.

Second, if you do not live in or around Dallas, Texas (where you can order either from Neimans or the bakery directly), you must plan ahead and call the bakery to arrange shipping. They ship overnight so plan accordingly! A special note about shipping: it’s the best Mimi has ever seen! The cake comes on a sturdy board, wrapped in plastic with custom foam cutouts, surrounded by a custom Styrofoam box with freezer inserts. Ours arrive perfect, every time!

Lastly, smile pretty as you slice into these beauties and serve them proudly, as you and your family will not be disappointed. The MDC and the baby share a birthday so we recently had both the lemon cream cheese and the yellow butter cake. So good we even ate it for breakfast! No different than a donut, right? Seriously, either go to Neimans for a slice or save up and buy a whole one!  Yum!

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