BluePrint Cleanse



Mimi’s not one to diet and is “allergic to exercise”, a trait she inherited from her mother. Mademoiselle, on the other hand, loves all things active and healthy. So, this week’s Serendipitous Find is the BluePrint Cleanse.

Mademoiselle highly recommends them, but Mimi only uses them as an occasional meal replacement. Mademoiselle swears these are the best way to reset your system after serial indulgence or a semester away from your parents.

There are several cleanse options: the Renovation (for beginners), the Foundation (“Middle of the Road” ) and Excavation (“Digging Deep”). Mademoiselle does the Foundation and finds it satisfying and easy to stick with. Mimi likes the taste of them all, and replaces breakfast or lunch with them when she is on the go. They have a sampler so you can test out the flavors and pick the ones you like the best! They are easy to order, shipped professionally and you can even order a nifty cooler bag for on the go. Supermodel Lily Aldridge and actress Olivia Wilde are doing it, and you should too! Why? Because we say so!

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