You, On View

youonviewMimi and Mademoiselle believe that you, on view, is a combination of many facets of your behavior: the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you act, the way you interact with people you meet, the way you behave at parties, the way you act at work and the way you are with your friends and family. If you are conscientious and considerate in all of these facets of life, you are on your way to a positive you, on view. We want to ask you, what do you think about yourself? What do you think is you, in the view of others? Your clothing and accessories are a mirror of how you feel and think of yourself. Whatever your “style” it sends a clear message to those around you. Personal style is hard to define and each of us have our own personal interpretation of “style”. Clinton and Stacy made a living out of teaching poor interpreters of style, “What Not to Wear”… but in almost every show Mimi and Mademoiselle watched, the “you” was not happy with themselves.

That said, lets think about “spring cleaning” your self-opinion and looking at your style and what message you’re sending to others. Let’s have the you, on view, be one of style and a smile!

1. Good Grooming

Grooming, there’s a word no one uses. However, we think a lot of us have forgotten the importance of being well-groomed. It means: shower when you get up in the morning, especially if you are hungover, or after the gym or exercise; If you wear make-up, keep it touched up; If you get manicures and pedicures the polish is either all on or off, no in between; regular hair cut and/or color (no roots); modest use of fragrance. Hair management could be a beauty topic all its own, but suffice it to say we all spend a ridiculous and inordinate amount of time and money ridding our bodies of hair. So whatever hair removal you choose from your head to your toes, keep it up on a regular basis.

Good grooming is a habit. It does not mean you have to get up every day, put on a full face of make-up and a nice outfit. You can be well-groomed in yoga pants and a sweatshirt or t-shirt and jeans. Casual dress does not beget casual grooming. Making an effort, no matter what your mood, is key. In the words of the great Estee Lauder, “There are no ugly women, just laziness.”

2. Clothing and Accessories

Style and good grooming refers not just to ourselves, but to our clothes. It means: clean clothes, event appropriate attire and appropriate accessories. Dressing well and following fashion is always appropriate, but even though everyone’s budget will differ, it is no excuse for clothes that are not clean, in need of a wash or dryclean or just plainly, inappropriate attire. Appropriate also has many interpretations as it refers to style. Mimi prefers you young ladies begin to exercise a bit of restraint or modesty in some of your clothing choices. Instagram, Tumblr posts and Snapchats are full of girls, all in tiny dresses, boobs and tushes hanging with bare legs and stilettos, leaving me to ask, how has it become the norm to dress like a stripper? What about that old adage, “Leaving a little something to the imagination.” Being half naked is neither fashionable nor smart. There may be a time and place for the “tiny dress”, but we assure you overuse or misuse of the “tiny dress” does not equate to a positive you, on view.

Although, Mademoiselle understands the allure and attention from the “tiny” dress, she applies the “either/or”:  Either skimpy top/conservative bottom or conservative top/skimpy bottom. Heels are always appropriate if it’s a dress-up event, but above 4 1/2 inches is rarely fashionable. Tights are appropriate in winter, as are wraps to stay warm. Accessories generally make the outfit, but too many are distracting. Simple and Classy is always best. I’d rather be the girl everyone did not talk about than the one they did.

3. Civil Behavior

How do you relate to strangers? To your friends? With your family? Mimi once heard a story on style that went something like this:

A young woman was shopping with her mother when they saw a prominent woman in their community who was considered quite beautiful and stylish. The young woman asked her mother why she was considered so stylish. Her mother suggested she ask the salespeople helping the woman with her purchases. She did and they all said the same thing: the woman was an intelligent, kind, and thoughtful person. The young girl reported the comments to her mother who purportedly said, “Well, now you know what being stylish really is.”  True or not, the story has perfect application to our post. Being the best you can be (most of the time): civil, polite, courteous and thoughtful is very important in the message that you send to others. We are also quite sure that practicing these traits will improve your own self-opinion. This seems a bit “old-school”, but some advice never goes out of style and we want you the be the best you, on or off view!  

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