The Fine Art of Shelly Lewis Stanfield

Mimi and Mademoiselle research, toil, and scour the market for interesting items that make the perfect outfit, accessory, decoration, statement, gift or just that little something to make life a little easier (or at least more beautiful)! As our first serendipitous find, we bring you the fabulous paintings of Mrs. Shelly Lewis Stanfield.

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Tablescape Traumatized

Q: I have to set a table for six people who are coming to my apartment for dinner. I have matching dishes, glasses and flatware, but no linens. How do I set the table? Do you have any simple, inexpensive ideas to make a great table setting?

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2015 Workout Chic

Mimi and Mademoiselle are like everyone else, they always resolve to eat less and exercise more. We suggest a good way to get started, instill confidence and persevere toward our goals is by dressing the part! Great gear is a great motivator.

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Bon Appétit!

Resolve to start the New Year living the #saysolife! This year Mimi is going to help you learn to cook or if you already know how to cook, expand your culinary horizons and domestic pursuits! Mimi and Mademoiselle believe that part of gracious living involves some cooking and entertaining. Much to our chagrin, there are

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