Turkeys from Tyler, Texas?

Mademoiselle is embarking on Thanksgiving on her own this year!  Lets start with the basics.  TURKEY! 

Greenberg Smoked Turkeys

Everyone should try a Greenberg Turkey from Tyler Texas!

Although some believe in brining and roasting and standing near an oven all day, or worse yet, deep frying and worrying about fire and grease on your fancy clothes, Mimi and Mademoiselle believe in buying their turkey cooked, and look forward to their Greenberg every year.

We know it’s hard to beat a perfectly roasted turkey, but we will tell you it’s hard to beat this smoked turkey too! And if you’re struggling for a gift to bring to the family or a hostess gift, we can’t think of anything more delicious.  The website gobblegobble.com (how cute is that) has been updated and is easy to use and allows you to send to multiple addresses.  So, if you can’t be present for the meal send a turkey as a gift!  So, check turkey off your list.  Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving fare!

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