Serendipitous Steaks

MDCs Beef Tenderloin

We are bringing you a trifecta of barbecue related posts to fuel a sizzling summer of grilling! This week, the Modern Day Courtier brings his grilling skills to the table, quite literally.

We know everyone has their favorite spice rubs, marinades and condiments, but we encourage you to give his method a try. It is tried and true for the MDC and his loyal followers! Who are we to argue with perfection?

If you are making burgers or steaks this Independence Day, you will need Szeged Steak Rub and Allegro Original Marinade. These two items will take special cuts of meat to a new level and make even ordinary cuts great.

Marinades The MDC gets cooking with these trusty meat partners over in the cooking section. Check out his recipe for tasty grilled beef tenderloin.

Get grilling!


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