Serendipitous Soup Pot

In addition to all the items we recommend in Mademoiselle’s First Kitchen Essentials post, if you love cooking soups, stews and roasts, we recommend you get a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. It comes in several sizes with the 5 1/2 quart size being the most practical. Le Creuset considers it a “signature piece”.

Le Creuset 5 1/2 qt. Round Dutch Oven

If Le Creuset is a bit too pricey, Target’s Threshold 6 Qt. Dutch Oven is perfect.

Threshold Cast Iron Dutch Oven - 6 qt

And Martha Stewart’s Collector’s Enameled Cast Iron 6 Qt. Round Casserole from Macy’s is another great choice.

Martha Stewart Collection Collector's Enameled Cast Iron 6 Qt. Round Casserole

Mimi and Mademoiselle know your investment in any of these pieces will be worth it when you sit down to enjoy something you have made. Why not try some Mimi Soup, served beautifully in one of these dutch ovens? Bon appétit!


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