Glamorous Laundry?

TylerCandeStoreLogoUnknownMimi and Mademoiselle really dislike doing laundry.  We have been using boring allergen and fragrance free liquid detergents for years.  By the time the clothes get out of the dryer, they smell a bit ‘stale’.  So, we were naturally interested when our friends were buzzing about the fabulous $99.00 detergent! Yes, we said the $99.00 detergent, but don’t panic…a little goes a long long way and that is for a gallon!  The folks at the Tyler Candle Company, yes, that old candle company with the leopard print lid that got us addicted to their sugar cookie candle (and others) in the 90’s.  Somehow, we gave up Tyler candles for all of today’s designer candles, but  if you ask us, they are brilliant and have come up with a new way to sell their fragrances…Glamorous Wash and laundry products!  Its also way to enjoy, sort of, doing your laundry again!  

Mimi and Mademoiselle have some tips before you embark on what is a really ridiculously expensive laundry detergent.  First, buy a few of the 4 oz. samples before you commit to a certain scent.  Diva is by far their most popular, but our favorite is French Market with Kathina a close runner up (and better for boys clothes).  Eucalyptus is also a big win for a more natural scent.  Second, it is strong.  We still use our boring detergent in a 3-1 ratio with our Glamorous Wash.  To us, it gives it a slight, but not overpowering scent.  However, most of our friends use if full strength in their HE machines.  They love it and insist it smells up the whole house and stays on clothes for weeks!  They have dryer sheets too!  Woo!  So, girlies go get your glamorous laundry done!

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