Après Appreciation

In keeping with our summer lake or beach weekend theme, we have some ideas for the perfect gift for your summer weekend host or hostess.

Inexpensive, humorous theme cocktail napkins are always appreciated. And funny, too! If you really want to stand out also bring your favorite cocktail mixer, a fifth of your favorite liquor and some lemons and limes, and you have ensured a return invitation. If it’s not an alcohol friendly crowd, a flat of water or selection of sodas is always appreciated.

Cocktail Napkin

Cocktail Napkin

If drinks are not your thing we recommend our favorite candle, at least for this year, Lafco’s Sea & Dune “Beach House” candle.  If that’s not your scent, Lafco has many others to choose from. Our second runner up, is Jo Malone’s Peony and Blush Suede Candle.


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