Redux: 20 Questions with the Modern Day Courtier

CourtierMimi and Mademoiselle’s have received great acclaim for turning over some of their July columns to the MDC!  We’ve also gotten some questions, suggesting our new visitors need a reminder who the MDC is! So here’s a redux from our first few weeks of posting to remind you that the MDC is the ultimate Renaissance man.

The MDC is a gentleman not unlike the original Courtier of 1516, Baldassare Castiglione. He believes that men of the 21st century should use Castiglione’s lessons to bring about a modern day resurgence of the ideal renaissance gentleman. Think of the MDC as a respected society gentleman, providing you only the most sage advice on manly matters. The man gives us a bit of insight into some basics. You can look forward to his guest columns in future posts.

Grooming Basics?  To Cologne or not to Cologne..?

A man must always be well kept. If not for him, for his wife, children and parents. No one wants a husband, father, son or sibling to look ill-kept. Men should be clean-shaven unless exploring or the occasional “no-shave” craze, but then and only then for a few days’ growth-lest one appear brutish. A good comb and razor are a must and real men do not use blow-dryers or hair dye.

Men should rarely wear fragrance. If they do, it must be subtle. The stench of an overpowering man brings back a horrible high school memory or the scent of  lots of “Grey Flannel”. The overpowering scent does nothing for women or men. I can only recommend after shave lotions which seem to be the perfect balance between nothing and a good scent for those closest to you. I recommend Cade, Creed or Chanel Blue. If scent is not an option, then Old Spice Classic deodorant always leaves a man smelling great!

Favorite Wardrobe Basics?

White Oxford shirt, blue blazer, khaki or gray Pants…make it your uniform.

Nice shoes: If clothes make the man, then shoes give away his status. You need at least three (3) pairs:  1 shell Cordovan loafer, 1 cowboy boot, 1 tennis shoe. Buy the very best you can afford – and then some.

Favorite Meal, Dessert and Snack?

Raspberry point oysters, 8 oz. filet, asparagus, potatoes and a chocolate dessert or souffle from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Favorite activity?

Anything. I’m the MDC. I’m up for it all as long as its family time doing any adventure. We recently tried polo playing as a family and it was great, but the girls won! It doesn’t matter what the activity, whether boating, shooting, traveling or relaxing with the wife and kids, it makes all the work worth it!

Favorite movie?

Jurassic Park-any of them, anytime.

My last purchase was?

A great car for my son’s 16th birthday. Totally custom and a bit exorbitant, but he earned it and has to keep it for 10 years or until he gets out of grad school. Either way, I felt pretty good about getting him a kick-ass car!

When no one is home I…?

Wish they were…

I wish someone told me:

Life is a carousel and you will see the same people again and again so be careful what you do and say. The two things you cannot take back are your reputation and the spoken word.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

On the water, warm preferably.

Favorite Destination?

 Warm beach X or Las Ventanas in Cabo San Lucas, BVI and Palm Beach.

Where are you the happiest?

 On the water with family and friends.

What do you think the definition of relaxation is?

 Not worrying…

With whom do you like to travel or leisure?


What is your Biggest Secret?

 Can’t tell you…

What is your greatest extravagance?

 Being able to do pretty much what I want when I want.

If you could change something about yourself what would it be?

 To be kinder and give back to society more. I’ve been blessed with rewards from hard work and feel one must always give back to the universe.

On which occasion do you lie?

 Not too often… I’m lying now.

What is your greatest fear?

 Death of me or a loved one.

Which person(s) do you most admire and despise?

I try not to despise as that is a situation where one takes poison and waits for someone else to die. Never works too well. As far as admiring, I try not to do that either. Rather, I try to emulate positive and rewarding behavior exhibited by others and that mimicking is a sort of admiration so I think it takes care of itself.

What have you learned?

The universe is watching and generally gets it right. Most of the time that is…  


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