Mimi and Mademoiselle’s Top 5 resolutions for 2016

2016 Resolutions

Mimi and Mademoiselle share their top 5 ideas for a fabulous 2016!

  1. Resolve to take better care of yourself. Healthier eating, more sleep, drinking more water, regular exercise.
  2. Resolve to take regular breaks from technology. Leave your cell phone off and don’t use it when you are with friends or at meals.
  3. Resolve to be conscious and live in the moment. Appreciate your interactions with family and friends and at school or work.
  4. Resolve to be mindful and intentional in recognizing the many blessings that surround you every day.
  5. Resolve to cook at least one meal at home every day, and entertain friends at home at least once this year.


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