In lieu of the 20Q: “How to Invest in Your 20’s” by Jasmine Williams @Career Contessa

avatar92Mimi and Mademoiselle have been looking for a way to discuss and to encourage financial responsibility. We cannot find a better summary to introduce the topic and make you a bit more financially savvy then the article  at one of our favorite websites Career Contessa.  If you have not been to the site or follow their Instagram, you should.  It is designed to bring women the best career advice and access to find, hire, and work with trusted career experts.  The almost daily motivational Instagram posts @careercontessa are worth following, just for their unique, on-point and sometimes funny perspectives .  The article, by Jasmine Williams, “How to Invest in Your 20’s (Literally)”, is an excellent introduction to the common types of investing and sets out instructions if you are interested in beginning to invest your hard earned money.  At the least, its worth a good read so that you can impress everyone with your financial savvy.  We like a good read that makes girls even smarter! Go to it!geeky

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