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Wendy Mignot has been a designer and artist all of her life. Her latest pieces of pearl and fine leather jewelry showcase her artistic maturity and a beautiful sense of international style that we covet!

Wendy met her husband Jean-Noel Mignot in the 90’s and they began their gypsy-esque lifestyle of sailing in the Carribbean, Virgin Islands, Aruba, St. Bart’s, Bahamas and Central America. After living on their boat, they settled along the Gulf of Mexico and it was here that her designs grew into such an international brand with pieces worn by Orlando Bloom, Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan. Her one of a kind jewelry is a trademark and a reflection of her adventures at sea with each design reflecting different, beautiful parts of culture and heritage.

Mademoiselle purchased “Music” in freshwater pearls with pearls in different colors and sizes ($875). The feminine and beachy combo of the leather and pearls is so versatile and can work when dressing up and for casual days. The pieces are described by her loyal customers as unique and beautifully raw. The pieces of jewelry are so stunning yet people don’t immediately recognize who you’re wearing. That is part of what makes them so special, sort of the “if you know, you know” phenomenon. There are options for every budget, starting with the single pearl chokers at $75 with other items coated in pearls running up to $20,000. There are so many options that we are absolutely confident each and every one of you can find the perfect one. Mimi is waiting for hers at Christmas!

Mademoiselle models the “music” necklace in freshwater pearls

Mademoiselle models the “music” necklace in freshwater pearls

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