Spring scarves have sprung!

A decade ago scarves were mostly seen as an accessory for older ladies or working women to accessorize their suit. Today, they are a haute accessory for any outfit. The colors, fabrics and textures are too numerous to fathom, but suffice it to say, there is a scarf out there that compliments your new outfit or refreshes an old one! Whether it’s a shawl, pashmina, neckerchief, square, infinity or rectangle, you can find your perfect shape for the perfect look.

If wearing them and tying them presents a conundrum for you, there are several app resources for you to check out:

There are lots of great and unique ways to wear scarves. Whether as a headband, belt, pocket square or purse tie, the accessorizing potential of a scarf is outmatched! The larger ones also double as a shawl to keep you warm. Great for travel and cool spring breezes. Here are few of our favorites from Hermes, Tory Burch and Kate Spade.

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