Bring back the one-piece swimsuit, s’il vous plaît!

Okay, Mr. Timberlake… Let’s bring sexy back! Ladies, let’s bring the one-piece swimsuit back in vogue! It has been awhile since American women have really embraced the one-piece suit. However, one-pieces are making a comeback and are far more fashion forward this year. So we say, “One-piece and sexy are not mutually exclusive!” Statistics bear out that 53% of women generally prefer to wear a one piece. However, there seems to be a certain style backlash and shaming apparent when you hit the beach in your one-piece. Many of us cannot help but feel judged, no matter how cute our one-piece, by our bikini clad brethren. We say no more! A stylish one-piece is fashionable and honestly, who doesn’t like a little coverage as a bonus? It can be every bit as sexy and then some. Doesn’t anyone remember Farrah Fawcett and her iconic red one piece swimsuit (that now sits in the Smithsonian) that made her a star? In 1976 she was sexy in that suit and in 2015 she is still sexy. Have you seen Elle in her black one-piece? Need I say more…

Do we really need a tan tummy all the time? What’s the big deal about bikinis anyways? We are not hating on the bikini. Au contrare, we love them and they remain a viable option. However, we know that as fashion ebbs and changes, so do social mores, and the one piece offers good fashion for all women, coverage if you need it and sexy if you want it! Let’s all try a one-piece this summer and see what happens! There are so many styles out there it was hard to pick our favorites. Vix, Carolina Herrerra, La Perla, Ella Moss, Mara Hoffman, Norma Kamali and Tory Burch have outstanding options. Virtually every swimwear designer is offering an attractive one-piece. So, clearly Mimi and Mademoiselle are on the right track! We assembled a few of our favorites at! Check out the site! So go on, try one and give any woman you see in a one-piece a nice compliment. 


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