Après Sun Beauty

It’s August, it’s hot, you’ve been in the sun too much and your skin is tired. Our Sun or Not to Sun post gave Parched Prune some sage advice for protecting your skin from the sun, but that made us think, what do we use when we have had too much fun in the sun?

Pure aloe creams soothes the burn and works fine temporarily, but they are sticky and do not seem to moisturized parched skin. Mimi thinks she’s found an answer! Last year, Mimi asked her dermatologist for a comprehensive sensitive-skin-friendly moisturizer. He recommended the iS Clinical Sheald. Coincidentally, Mimi has found that it’s also a fantastic sun-fatigued skin saver. Use this on your face after cleansing for a few nights and your skin will be noticeably improved, hydrated and protected.

is Clinical Sheald

If you don’t need the extra moisture, the Clinical Youth Serum is also excellent, particularly for the daytime.

iS Clinical Youth Complex

iS Clinical also makes a sunscreen called Eclipse 50+ and two post sun products: the Hydra-Cool Serum and Reparative Emulsion for your body which are equally worthy of a try.

Eclipse SPF 50+iS Clinical Reparative Moisture

We highly recommend these products and a little bit goes a long way!  


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