A Word About Shorts

Shorts have come a long way. A long way down and long way up. It is hard to believe we Americans have only been wearing them without shame for about fifty years. Shorts have a funny history and it’s hard to believe they could have been such a hotly debated moral topic.

We find ourselves at the doorstep of summer again, the official time for shorts. Our gams have not seen the light of day for months and now its time to get some sun and keep cool in the heat. It appears the fashion gods got Mimi’s message that she was seeing too much Kardashian and are now offering shorts in a variety of new lengths between the “daisy dukes” and “pedal pushers”. Mimi recently found several pairs at Vince that are both fashion forward and length appropriate for a woman of mature age, as they say. Most of them even have an elastic waist. Can you say, “Oh, yeah” or “Yes, I will have another?”

Tory Burch made some “short sets”, shorts with matching shirts, jackets and sweaters that are worth a look. Vince also has stylish Bermuda shorts which is hard thing to do! J. Crew also has a slew of styles to choose from. Many designers have the inseam between 3 and 7” which makes the perfect flattering short for most every woman. It goes without saying that “daisy dukes” are only for the young, but even the young should consider many of these new lengths and styles. Mademoiselle recently got the Vince Belted Chambray Short and it’s a great compromise length and very flattering.

Mimi and Mademoiselle suggest you get out and get a pair of these new flattering style shorts!

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