Hey MDC, What are You Having for Cinco De Mayo? The MDC Margarita, of Course!

MDCMargaritaFBThe MDC loves a good cocktail, especially a good margarita! The MDC has his favorites, but he believes the rule of 3 is the key to the perfect margarita.

The MDC Margarita
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  1. 1/3 Cointreau
  2. 1/3 Tequila, your choice, but for a lighter flavor use Silver Patron; if you're after a bit more flavor MDC recommends Don Julio Repasado
  3. Split the last 1/3 evenly between Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice and simple syrup (see recipe below)
  4. Simple Syrup
  5. 1 cup sugar
  6. 1 cup water
  7. Boil water, add sugar to dissolve. Cool. Keep refrigerated.
  1. Squeeze fresh lime juice to desired quantity then combine with simple syrup
  2. Add to cocktail shaker
  3. Add same amount of Cointreau
  4. Add Same amount of Tequila
  5. Add cup ice, shake vigorously, pour over ice in glass that has 1/2 rim salt covered, present with lime slice on rim, served on linen napkin then on silver platter. A truly luxurious serving and one heck of a cocktail. A drink must always be stiff, yet well-presented.
  1. If you are like Mimi, who needs hers a little sweeter, the MDC includes a little more (1 Tbsp) homemade simple syrup. The MDC gives his preferences in this week’s serendipitous finds!
  2. Notes: Don’t use margarita mix (for amateurs only). If you simply must use a mix, only use sweet and sour mix versus the standard margarita mixer.
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