Mimi is Still Out of the Kitchen

Cut 432 Interior

Mimi still thinks it’s too hot to cook so she is sharing another of her favorite “out of the kitchen” destinations, CUT 432 in Delray Beach, Florida. Normally when in Florida you do not think of a steakhouse for dinner, but fear not, this is not just a great steakhouse, it is an awesome steakhouse with many other offerings other than just USDA Prime dry-aged beef sourced from the country’s top ranchers and artisanal producers. It is worth the drive from any surrounding south Florida destination, plus it’s a very pretty drive down highway A1A.  

First, you must know that the restaurant serves homemade biscuits with jam and honey. Yes, biscuits. The good kind. And you can get as many as you want. Yum! The MDC recommends an appetizer of the lobster bisque or the seafood tower; dinner, the 12 oz. filet and as sides the Parmesan truffle fries and jumbo asparagus.

Mimi recommends the foie gras sliders and the wedge salad to start, small filet (with any of the recommended sauces) and creamed corn.

Cut 432 Filet

Mademoiselle recommends the grilled artichokes, shrimp cocktail, Atlantic salmon and either the truffled or lobster mac -n-cheese. Admittedly, every time we have eaten there we have been too full for dessert, but we are assuming they are fabulous.

Cut 432 Mac n Cheese

However, if you want to take home a dessert we do have a secret. A few doors down from CUT432 is a famous candy shop, Kilwin’s Chocolates. You can get delicious chocolate covered anything or homemade ice cream for the ride home or after you have recovered from the meal at CUT432.

Enjoy your out-of-the-kitchen time at CUT432 or Kilwins! They are not to be missed!

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