The Fine Art of Shelly Lewis Stanfield

Mimi and Mademoiselle are still starstruck by the Art of Shelly Lewis Stanfield.  We featured her as our first serendipitous find and now that one of our 2018 resolutions was to buy more art, we encourage you to do the same, especially with Valentines Day coming up. If you want to make your environment a little more beautiful, check out these amazing paintings. It’s the perfect mix for todays stylish homes! You can check out her new Instagram at shellylewisstanfield_art or













 Popsicle Stand 














Oceanfront Property 

Oceanfront Property









Glamorous Laundry?

TylerCandeStoreLogoUnknownMimi and Mademoiselle really dislike doing laundry.  We have been using boring allergen and fragrance free liquid detergents for years.  By the time the clothes get out of the dryer, they smell a bit ‘stale’.  So, we were naturally interested when our friends were buzzing about the fabulous $99.00 detergent! Yes, we said the $99.00 detergent, but don’t panic…a little goes a long long way and that is for a gallon!  The folks at the Tyler Candle Company, yes, that old candle company with the leopard print lid that got us addicted to their sugar cookie candle (and others) in the 90’s.  Somehow, we gave up Tyler candles for all of today’s designer candles, but  if you ask us, they are brilliant and have come up with a new way to sell their fragrances…Glamorous Wash and laundry products!  Its also way to enjoy, sort of, doing your laundry again!  

Mimi and Mademoiselle have some tips before you embark on what is a really ridiculously expensive laundry detergent.  First, buy a few of the 4 oz. samples before you commit to a certain scent.  Diva is by far their most popular, but our favorite is French Market with Kathina a close runner up (and better for boys clothes).  Eucalyptus is also a big win for a more natural scent.  Second, it is strong.  We still use our boring detergent in a 3-1 ratio with our Glamorous Wash.  To us, it gives it a slight, but not overpowering scent.  However, most of our friends use if full strength in their HE machines.  They love it and insist it smells up the whole house and stays on clothes for weeks!  They have dryer sheets too!  Woo!  So, girlies go get your glamorous laundry done!

Turkeys from Tyler, Texas?

Mademoiselle is embarking on Thanksgiving on her own this year!  Lets start with the basics.  TURKEY! 

Greenberg Smoked Turkeys

Everyone should try a Greenberg Turkey from Tyler Texas!

Although some believe in brining and roasting and standing near an oven all day, or worse yet, deep frying and worrying about fire and grease on your fancy clothes, Mimi and Mademoiselle believe in buying their turkey cooked, and look forward to their Greenberg every year.

We know it’s hard to beat a perfectly roasted turkey, but we will tell you it’s hard to beat this smoked turkey too! And if you’re struggling for a gift to bring to the family or a hostess gift, we can’t think of anything more delicious.  The website (how cute is that) has been updated and is easy to use and allows you to send to multiple addresses.  So, if you can’t be present for the meal send a turkey as a gift!  So, check turkey off your list.  Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving fare!

Pretty Pies Made Easy

Mimi and Mademoiselle love to cook, but we also love for things to be simple. We believe in the Martha Stewart motto, “the right tool for the right job.” This is especially true in baking, which seems to take a level of expertise few can achieve. That being said, don’t you just love it when a kitchen tool comes along that makes you look like a pro with minimal effort?

For example, how do we make a perfectly pretty pie? By using ruffled pie dishes of course! Here are few we use that make molding your store-bought or homemade crust easy. The crust looks perfect every time! Here are some of our favorites

We also recommend a pie protector when baking your crusts. Here’s a great option from William Sonoma


Get Ready to Buy a Yeti! (Cup not Animal)

Yeti Rambler

Mimi’s been asked, what’s her favorite summer accessory.  Well, there are too many to mention.  However, EVERYWHERE  I go in August, I’m hot and thirsty! Yeti to the rescue! Her go-to Yeti Rambler weathers the heat and keeps water cool all day. She has them in both the 20 and 30 oz size, and she’s always surprised at how much water she drinks thanks to her Yeti Rambler.  She’s bought them for everyone, particularly her sons in 2-a-day football practice.  They come in colors now too!  Some sites will even personalize them!  I love my Yeti’s!  Keep cool…get a yeti…cup, that is!

All Mine…Valentine!

best-wedding-cakes-2If your at a loss of what to cook for your valentine why not send something simple and sweet…send cupcakes from the Elegant Cakery.  The cupcakes are every bit as delicious as their cakes and come in a variety of flavors and most important – they can be shipped anywhere-overnight! We told you some time ago in our previous post that their cakes were fantastic, but the cupcakes are every bit as decadent!  Our favorite is the old fashioned yellow cake with chocolate icing, but there are so many choices you will please any palate.  In fact, once you smell these goodies we think you say “All mine”! 



The Big “O” – A Gift That Is!


Give yourself or your valentine a special gift of the Big O Key Ring from o-venture products.  Their motto that you will never lose your keys again and gain an extra hand is certainly true!  We gave these to all our girlie friends this year for Christmas and they were so well received we thought we better share.  They come in a variety of colors of leather, ostrich, lizard or silicone and even a chocolate fur!  Do yourself a favor and never look for your keys lost in your purse, bag or car again!

A Ring for 2016?

Yes, girls, lets get our own rings for 2016! Jewelry… meet technology. Ringly is a line of smart accessories that pairs with your iPhone or Android to stay connected throughout the day without having your phone right in front of you.


Ringly is designed with precious and semi precious gemstones with an 18K gold band on every ring. Through the Ringly app, you can set custom color and vibration patterns for different types of notifications. The accompanying ring box also acts as a charging station; simply place your Ringly in the box to recharge when the battery is low.

Texts, phone calls, emails, reminders, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, GroupMe and Uber are just a few apps that can be programmed on your ring.

Ringly is a simple solution so that women will never have to worry about missing an important message because their phone was hidden in the bottom of their bag or purse.

This photo below shows the Ringly application. The dots show the number of vibrations and the color is the color that will glow on your ring when you receive that type of notification. Cool right?


The rings come in all different colors as shown in the photo above, We highly encourage this as a gift for either yourself or someone else. You can find them at Neiman Marcus or at Ringly

Colorful Christmas Crystal

This week’s advice column prompted us to think that many of us have overlooked our Christmas tablescape and should consider sprucing it up with some festive glassware. We found some colorful inexpensive options for consideration.

Mikasa French Countryside Ruby Iced Beverage Glasses

Mikasa French Countryside RubyTarget Certified International White Wine Glass in green

Target Certified International Green Wine Glass

Pier 1 Spiral Line Stemware carries the ever-beautiful, but discontinued Cristal D’arques-Durand Antique Ruby glassware as well as some other red and green depression glass.

Cristal D'arques-Durand Antique RubyCristal D'arques Durand green


If you’re in the mood to splurge, we suggest the William Yeoward in Ruby, Baccarat Vega Stemware in Red or Green or the Waterford Lismore in Crimson.

Waterford Lismore Flutes

Waterford Lismore Flutes

William Yeoward Ruby Flutes

William Yeoward Ruby Flutes

Baccarat Vega Wine Glass and Stemware in Red (or Green not shown)

Baccarat Vega Wine Glass and Stemware in Red (or Green not shown)

Perfectly Patriotic Pickard China


Our advice column reminded us that we need to support American made products, and we can think of no better one that Pickard China.

The Pickard China story dates back to 1893 when Wilder Pickard established the company. In 1977, Pickard, Incorporated was selected by the U.S. Department of State to manufacture the official china service used by our embassies and other diplomatic missions around the world. It is also the Presidential China Service. Pickard is known as “America’s Finest China.” Many decorators embrace the brand as it can be monogrammed and customized in a variety of patterns and colors. Mimi’s favorite is the Washington pattern. If you know someone who needs to register for china, you should suggest they check out the patriotic choice with Pickard. It really is worth the investment to support one of America’s oldest manufacturers.

Pickard Washington china

Mimi’s favorite pattern, the Washington.


Pickard offers custom monogramming.


Presidential china provided by Pickard