Tootsie Troubles?

As summer winds down and we look at our tired heat and sandal stressed feet, we wanted to remind you of our favorite find for tired, troubled tootsies. There is no right time for your feet to shed swaths of skin, but going into Fall weather where your feet are covered seems like the best time to do Baby Foot. That’s all that needs to be said and done for tired, callused feet that no “deluxe” pedicure can cure. Be forewarned, this process is easy, but gross. Did we say gross? Yes. Check out some of the comments and pictures on the internet so you are fully informed on what you are getting into. Several pieces of advice from experience:

  • Soak your feet before you do the peel
  • Leave the peel on a bit longer if your feet are overly callused
  • Don’t walk around while you are in the booties
  • Soak and highly scrub your feet each night once the peeling process begins
  • You may want to wear socks to contain the shedding once it begins
  • For us, we do it in September as we put our sandals away and then before Spring Break, so we are ready for the beach!

It is definitely an experience, but one that is totally worth it.

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