Q:  I did not get hired for a job because during the interview I looked down at my phone when a text vibrated, lit up the screen and I looked down to read it. It took less than a second to look, but it apparently cost me the job. Are employers in the stone age about tech use or did I violate a modern manners rule?

Dear Mannerless:

I’m sorry you lost the job, but in almost every circumstance, texting, emailing and tweeting show disrespect to those in your presence, as you generally owe them your undivided attention. This is particularly true in all professional situations: interviews, business meetings or conferences. Although Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt could never imagine how flexible and fluid etiquette has become to keep pace and evolve with technology and our culture. It is never appropriate to even have your phone visible during an interview.

-MIMI surprised

I am absolutely addicted to my phone but my darling, turn off your phone and shove it in your bag for an interview. So many times what we think is harmless can come across as immature and uncaring to an interviewer, especially those older than us. The Millennials and Baby Boomers have different expectations of acceptable behavior at work and in the office, but a general rule of thumb is NO PHONES!


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