Christmas Glassware

Q: I’m giving a Christmas dinner party for the first time! I have place settings for 8 of Spode Christmas dishes from my grandmother and flatware, but no glassware. Do you have a recommendation to make the tablescape special, but not break my Christmas budget?

Dear Serendipitous Spode Owner:

Yes! Congratulations on inheriting such a special gift that you will cherish and use forever. Likewise, making an investment in crystal or barware is always a good idea. You can most definitely pair the dishes with clear glassware that can be purchased virtually anywhere and at any price point, but if you want a special Christmas tablescape, we recommend you look for some of the lovely red or green glassware available from a variety of retailers.

Mikasa has French Countryside Ruby Iced Beverage glasses

Mikasa French Countryside Ruby

Pier One has the Spiral Line Stemware

Pier One Spiral Line Stemware

Target has Certified International’s Red (or Green) Wine Glasses and Goblets

Target Certified International Red Wine Glass carries the ever-beautiful, but discontinued Cristal D’arques-Durand Antique Ruby glassware as well as some other red and green depression glass.

Cristal D'arques-Durand Antique Ruby


All of these are beautiful and for a setting of 8, they won’t break the bank!


Depending upon which Spode Christmas pattern you inherited you can really play up the colors. I might recommend alternating a red goblet for water with a green flute or wine glass. Spectacular! We liked all the glassware we found so much you can look at them (and a few others) under our Serendipitous Finds!


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