Be Thankful

I have a “becauseisayso” for you this Thanksgiving. Please give thanks to the obvious in your life-family, friends, health and happiness. But, also take a minute to reflect and remind yourself how lucky you are to be an American. In such a time of social upheaval, we need to remind ourselves of this good fortune, hard fought by our ancestors and protected by our form of government. Many seem to have forgotten the concept of Democracy and what it really means – lest we forget the many protections afforded all Americans in the Constitution. America will always be a “melting pot” of people and ideas, a place safe to challenge all ideas and perspectives. Will there be challenges and setbacks? You bet. Victories? Yes. But I ask you, as an American, is there a “winning or losing” side? There shouldn’t be. I’ve lived through many  many leaders, my advice: Let’s all agree that we can disagree on a lot of issues, but not that we are not all proud of our American heritage and our future.


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